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  • SnoreWizard Snore Relief Mouthpiece As seen on TV
  • SnoreWizard Snore Relief Mouthpiece
  • As Seen on TV

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SnoreWizard Mouthpiece Snore Relief Oral Device One Size Fits All

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Product Description

As Seen on The Rachael Ray's Show

The Snore Wizard Mouthpiece is a simple and effective oral device for use in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. No difficult boiling and forming, the soft material means one size fits all. The SnoreWizard Mouthpiece has undergone numerous clinical trials in which it was found to reduce snoring in 94% of research subjects. Each SnoreWizard Mouthpiece is made of soft dental material and comes with a storage container and instructional brochure.


Normally, air passes through the throat to the lungs silently and unhindered. In snorers however, fatty tissue, tonsils and adenoids can narrow passageways, creating turbulence that makes the throat tissue vibrate. Snoring has nothing to do with the nostrils.


Snoring will not occur if the airway in the throat remains open. This can be accomplished by holding your lower jaw slightly forward during sleep.


The Snore Wizard mouthpiece is a universal-fit, non-intrusive mouthpiece that holds the lower jaw slightly forward of its normal position during sleep--thus opening the airway in the throat and eliminating snoring.

SnoreWizard Instructions:

  • Before first use wash in warm water with soap or washing up liquid, rinse thoroughly and dry.
  • Fit into your mouth with the inside tab facing down and allow the tab to slip over your bottom teeth to secure in place.
  • When fitted get used to breathing normally.
  • After use, wash, rinse, and dry before storing in box-provided.

Notes and Hints for First-time Users:

  • Most users find it takes a little time to get used to the SnoreWizard, it is worth persisting for a few weeks. Some users find it is best to use it for a short time initially and then steadily increase the time as you adapt to the Snore Wizard.
  • In the early days of use, you might experience a slightly dry mouth on waking, extra saliva or slight jaw discomfort. These symptoms usually reduce within a short time as your mouth becomes accustomed to the SnoreWizard.
  • If you sleep on your side your mouth remains closed more easily and the SnoreWizard is more effective with your mouth closed.
  • If you support your head and throat with a pillow to keep the throat straight, it is more comfortable and effective for easy breathing.
  • If you find a particular part of the Snorewizard is irritating your gums, the SnoreWizard can be trimmed with very sharp scissors or razor knife but make sure you only remove around a millimeter at any time.

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Snore Wizard (01:18)
Want to stop snoring? Snore Wizard is an easy-to-use, natural device to treat snoring. Instant success -- everyone can get a better night's sleep. http://www.idealworld.tv/snore-wizard.aspx
  • Snore Wizard
    Want to stop snoring? Snore Wizard is an easy-to-use, natural ...

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